maanantai 7. lokakuuta 2013

RTW UFFI - it is ON!

Last night it finally happened - I dropped off my very first and special travel bug! After our week of hiking in Lapland we stayed couple of days in Karstula where I had one last cache to find. The one in observation tower happens to be extremely cool place, it definitely shows the best side of Karstula. And the house I still reference as my home is not too far away from that spot, so it was a perfect starting point for my UFFI-bug.

Although, when it was actually time to put the bug into the cache and leave it there, I almost got cold feet! What if it gets lost? What if I'll never ever see it again? Like I was letting go of something truly important... Ok, wake up Laura, it's only a piece of metal! So I left it there (with a little bit of heavy heart).

Good luck, UFFI-bug! I hope you have amazing round the world journey!
And on we go!

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